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Grand Pro Wrestling

Roster Page

Welcome to Grand Pro Wrestling's website.  The results are in from Nov. 3rd so let's get right to it.  The first match pit Chico Suave against the Golden Boy Brandon Orion.  This proved to be an exciting one for both competitors.  However, it was Mr. Suave that came out on top with his Suave Buster and got the 1-2-3 over Mr. Orion.  The second match saw "The Biggest of them all" Benny Jux taking on a man who calls himself the Italian Ice.  This match had a little bit of everything including some humor.  Anyhow Mr. Jux decided to let the crowd know that he was the biggest and best of them all, however, Italian Ice came out with some retaliation of his own, both verbally and physically.  Mr. Jux turned up the heat and melted the Iceman with a flying inseguri kick that scored the Biggest of them all a very well deserved 3 count.  Third match of the evening saw the Maestro taking on Master Jack.  Master Jack came out with his speech about wanting to make a comeback to the top of the wrestling heap.  Anyhow, both Maestro and Master Jack got into a see-saw battle, but, when the Maestro seemed to be getting the upper-hand when all of a sudden from out of the locker room came Big Rick Fuller.  When Fuller hit the ring, he eliminated both competitors on more than one occassion.  He even handed out a few of his most famous chops to the Maestro, who seemed to be the worst off.  The Maestro was indeed singing a sour note when all was said and done and as for Master Jack, well all I have to say is better luck next time.  This next event is kind of a regular item for Mr. Masters' GPW shows.  It was a arm wrestling match that was supposed to see Super Joe Masters vs. Count Alucard, however the Count had other ideas.  Upon his interview with Mel Simons, the Count decided to call out his twin brother, Kriss Krymzon.  When Mr. Krymzon decided not to come out of the locker room the Count figured that he would try to outsmart the crowd.  Well, I guess in some odd way he did because when he removed his cape he had announced that he was Kriss Krymzon.  He was also quoted saying while holding the cape "This is just a facade.  I am Kriss Krymzon!  You fans are idiots!"  As the crowd booed Mr. Krymzon, Mr. Masters came and told Krymzon not to call his fans idiots then the contest began.  A few short moments later Mr. Masters took down Mr. Krymzon then attacked Kriss with the belt and then kicked him and assaulted him with a chair and the time keepers hammer.  So much for smooth beginnings but don't ever count out Mr. Kriss Krymzon for I have a very good feeling that this is just the beginning for Mr. Krymzon's stay in GPW.  The next match was a handicap match between newcomers Jerry and Casy (who are collectively known as Chutes and Ladders) against the 7 foot Egyptian King God Giant Pharoah.  Needless to say the Pharoah had won the match with a pair of devestating choke slams and then stacked the boys like they were pancakes, but, kudos goes to the young men who faced him.  This could be bright beginnings for the young duo.  We'll just have to see what the future brings.  The next bout featured two of GPW's top stars (well one actually making his GPW debut).  They are Big Bear Matouch taking on Diamondback Jack Maverick (newcomer).  The match started off in the ring but then it spilled out to the floor and quickly turned into an all out bar room brawl.  Both men fought around the building then took it outside in the pooring freezing cold rain.  The result being a double count out according to the referee known as the Interregator.  The next match featured a couple of young up and coming stars in GPW.  It Epic Bryan James vs. The Italian Stallion (no not Rocky Balboa) AJ Mitrano.  In the beginning of the match, Mitrano told Mel Simons that he wanted the Short Arm Scissors to be outlawed during the match.  That partcular move is one that Epic mastered as his finisher.  Speaking of Epic, this match was of epic proportions (sorry bad pun).  The match went back and forth with Mitrano scoring a series of two counts, but, it was Epic who got his hand raised after AJ tapped out from the Short Arm Scissors.  After the match, Mitrano was complaining to both the ref and Mr. Simons about how the scissors was supposed to be outlawed in the match but neither the ref or Simons gave the complaints much thought.  Shortly after that match, Matouch and Maverick came back in slugging it out.  Going into the crowd, through the locker rooms and back out in front of the audience.  A very short while later the locker rooms cleared out and broke up the two combatants.  Mr. Masters found a reasonable way to settle things between the two big men, and that is to have  a street fight match.  Both guys were ready to get it on when Masters told them at the next GPW show.  Stay tuned into this site for details on when the next event is going to be.  Anyhow in the Main Event it featured the French Connection (Antoine Roy & Rush) to take on Doink the Clown and what the crowd thought to be Benny Jux.  Doink, on the other hand had other ideas and sent the Biggest of them all back to the locker room and announced his own tag-team partner.  It was the Italian Ice who had joined Doink for the match.  Folks I don't know how the referee managed to control this one but he did a fine job doing so.  Doink started things off with Antoine who was getting frustrated with the Clown's antics.  Finally the two locked up and showed the crowd just how they got things done.  Soon after that Antoine tagged in Rush and then Doink tagged in the Italian Iceman.  The French Connection had things going thier way all the way through, then Rush pinned the Ice with a nice well placed power bomb and got the 1-2-3 count and won the match.  Well folks that's the results from Nov. 3rd and be sure to come down to the Irish-American Club on nov. 9 to see these stars and others wrestle in a very special event.  Special because there will be a retirement match featuring the Egyptian King God Giant Pharoah.   Also look for us on LynnCAMTV on channels 3 & 16 in Lynn and soon watch for us in Salem.  Stay tuned for more.  To see what time we're on in Lynn and Swampscott check out  and like I mentioned before we will be hitting Salem TV with a boomer.