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Roster Page
Roster Page

Here are the Stars of Grand Pro Wrestling:

Big Rick Fuller
From: Fall River MA
This former WCW superstar is known for being very strong and very dangerous in so many ways.  This man can hurt you and will.


Doink the Clown
From: Under the Big Top
He is a clown that can beat you down.  He has a million tricks up his sleeve and can get you with any of them at any time.  That is no joke.


Antoine Roy
From: Paris, France
This arrogant Frenchman will get you with his technical abilities in the ring.  He is one Frenchman who won't run away.


From: Scottsdale, Arizona
With his great physique and size, this man will hurt you if he gets his hands on you.  So watch out!


Wolfman Banford
From: The mist of the Full Moon
This man is a beast, literally.  He will bite, scratch and beat the blood out of you.  Watch out for a full moon or he might get you.


Epic Bryan James
From: The Epicenter
He is a remarkable young athlete in this business.  He can get on you in so many different ways.  He only has three words for you: SHORT ARM SCISSORS.


Diamondback Jack Maverick
From: Lucipher, Arizona
He is one rough, tough cowboy.  Looking in his eyes is like looking down a barrel of a loaded gun.


"The Biggest Of Them All" Benny Jux
From: Phillidelphia, Pennsylvania
The self-proclaimed Kung-Fu, Tae-Kwon-Doo, Tang-Soo-Doo, JUDO MASTER.  He doesn't think he's tough...he is tough.


Big Bear Mactouch
From: The Ozark Mountains
He is a mountain of a man.  His ability in the ring is unlike any big man today.   He can do it all.  He is a nice guy, but, don't get on his bad side.


AJ Mitrano
From: Saugus, Italy
This young man is looking to follow in the footsteps of Rocky Marciano and Bruno Samartino, but, his arrogance gets the best of him.


Orion Helmsford
From: South Boston Mass.
He is one angry irishman.  You NEVER know when he will blow up right in your face or pat you on the back.  He might not win the fight, but, you will be hurting.


Master Jack
From: Legans Elderly Home
This grouchy old man feels no pain, probably because all his senses have been beaten out of him.  You know what they say: "No Brain, No Pain!"


DC Hannon
From: Detroit Michigan
This man is the true wrestler.  Don't let his size fool you, he has many ways to get anyone off thier feet and crying in pain.


Choo Choo Charlie
From: The Train Tracks
He thinks he can.  He thinks he can but he probably won't.  Gotta give him credit because he will not give up and one day he won't think...he will.


The Egyptian King God Giant Pharoah (Sorry no photo yet.)
From: Cairo, Egypt
This seven foot monster was the King of Egypt thousands of years ago.  He is now resurrected and very digusted with the New World and its ways.  He will bring great unending pain to his victims.


Count Alucard
From: Transylvania
The Count is most certainly one of the most dangerous managers in GPW.  With the help of his proteges,  Wolfman Banford and Master Jack, he will become the most dominating manager of GPW. 

Super Joe Masters (yet again no photo yet.)
From: Lynn, Mass.
Super Joe is the head promoter for GPW.  This once mere man was hit in the head with something that fell from the sky when he was young and it turned him to Joe Masters. 

Kriss Krymzon
From:  Manhatten, New York
Kriss Krymzon is a twin brother of Count Alucard.  This sports agent turned wrestling manager has made a couple of brief appearances in wrestling and likes it so much that he has decided to stay around for a long time.